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 2011 Call Volume

 Month/Yr  Total #
 Jan 2011  127
 Feb 2011  103
 Mar 2011  149
 Apr 2011  125
 May 2011  126
 Jun 2011  137
 Jul 2011  152
 Aug 2011  128
 Sep 2011  137
 Oct 2011  159
 Nov 2011  145
 Dec 2011  137
 Year End 


Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance and Gates Volunteer Ambulance Service

Will Join Operations to Enhance Community-based Volunteer Services

As the President of Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance I am happy to inform you that Gates Volunteer Ambulance Service and Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance have come to a formal agreement to join operations so that we can provide a more patient-centric approach to providing services.

As part of the agreement,  SVA will transfer all asstes,  liabilities and their service response area to GVAS.   This agreement is designed to benifit the communities we both serve through improved service and response times.

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Bruce Jones

For Immediate Release

December 7, 2011

Ambulance 2979, a 2011 Ford E-350 / Marque has been placed in service

Chief Daniel DiSalvo, along with the entire membership of the Spencerport Ambulance is proud to announce that a new Ambulance 2979 has been placed in service. The new ambulance replaces a 2000 Ford ambulance with nearly 130,000 miles.  

The new unit is a Marque Type III built on a 2011 Ford E-350 chassis. While this unit is markedly different from the other current Spencerport Ambulance owned units, it is able to perform to the same standards.

Defining features of the unit include the electrical control system aimed at easy-of-use and low learning curve and energy efficient technologies. Specifically, the new energy efficient features such as 100% LED compartment lighting and emergency lighting mean that the unit does not have to idle at high engine speeds as often to preserve battery charge, resulting in increased fuel savings.

Paid for primarily in donations given to Spencerport Ambulance Annual Fund Drive and a loan, this unit was chosen for its low cost to build as a result of a through review of various ambulance manufacturers. 

While most EMS agencies have a concern of apparatus not built to specifications for the jurisdiction in which they will operate, The vehicle committee assigned to the procurement of a new ambulance had no problem choosing a Marque built ambulance on a Ford E-350 chassis as this style of unit has been utilized by other EMS agencies in Monroe County and have served well. 

Step inside the patient compartment, and most users immediately notice a smaller workspace as compared to past units at Spencerport Ambulance. But, this unit was designed on the focus of patient care.

With more of a focus on the patient by design, Ambulance 2979 is truly a unit for the citizens that Spencerport Ambulance serves.

Chief DiSalvo would like to thank to all the Board of Directors and members at Spencerport Ambulance for their work for making this new unit a reality.


Chief Daniel DiSalvo at 352-4742.



Line of duty death 

Spencerport Ambulance Paramedic Russ Hogue passed away in his sleep while on duty Saturday March 12, 2011.  Russ cared a great deal for the community: working at Spencerport Ambulance, Rural Metro Amb, volunteering with Scottsville FD/Rescue Squad and Scottsville Ambulance.  He is survived by his wife and 7 children with ages ranging from 9 to 26. 

Russell C. Hogue Obituary

Donations to the Hogue family can be made by check payable to Scottsville Rotary Club Service Foundation and mailed to
The Hogue Family
C/O Scottsville Rotary Club Service Foundation
PO Box 85
Scottsville,  NY   14546


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